Power Generation From Waste & Biomass4

Power Generation From Waste & Biomass

Isımek Energy Source

Power Generation From Waste & Biomass

Moving grate and fluidized bed systems are applied in Power Generation from Waste & Biomass plants.

Power generation from Biomass plant of Isımek  matched with international quality standards, and meets European Union environmental and emission criteria.

Power generation plants are manufactured by transforming the heat energy generated from burning of wastes into high pressure superheated steam for companies that are active in sectors such as forestry, agriculture, livestock, paper, lumber and can not evaluate existing solid wastes (biomass, plant, agricultural waste).

Factories which are active in forest,  timber , papel, plywood, sawmill, wood, lumber, mdf, furniture, paper, agriculture and livestock industry have wastes that are not evaluated.  Heat energy happens because of burning these wastes and this energy converts to superheated steam in order to generate electricity.

Isımek able to manufacture Power Generation From Waste & Biomass.