Polygonal Modular Silo5

Polygonal Modular Silo

Isımek Energy Source

Polygonal Modular Silo

Isımek  custom-build a variety of polygonal modular silos, using our design and construction expertise to help you decide what types and sizes will work best for your application. 

Isımek branded woodchips silos capacities can be extended or it can be carried to the other places  due to demountable structure and easy to assembly. Silo which is manufactured by Isımek can be dismantle and to carry another place. Isımek made Silos  have fire extinguisher system, climbing ladder, woodchips level indicator and sawdust  level warning systems. 

Isımek branded woodchips silos capacity can be enlarged. 


As well as mounted to the ground, Silos can be installed to the top of boiler house in order to gain more place around the facility.

Heat sensitive, fire detection system

Water fire-fighting systems

Sight Windows

Air proof maintenance and cleaning doors.

Roof railing

Deck ladder suited with ISO 18001 directive equipment.

Sawdust level warning systems.

Easy dismantle and assembly due to modular systems.