Hot and Superheated Water Boiler Fired by Liquid & Gas2

Hot and Superheated Water Boiler Fired by Liquid & Gas

Isımek Energy Source

Hot and Superheated Water Boiler Fired by Liquid & Gas

Isımek branded diesel, LPG and natural gas fired Hot & Superheated Water Boilers are in the construction type of 3 to 16 Bar.

Isımek manufactures Hot-Superheated water boilers maximum 15.000.000 kcal / h capacity.

Liquid and gas fired boilers are in the form of cylindrical type, three-pass and flame tube.

LPG, Natural gas and Diesel fired Hot Water Boilers are the most efficient  and convenient type boilers when you consider facility conditions , covered area of boiler house and high efficiency of system .

Combustion chamber  design ensure us to fire semi particles once again and convert them to useful energy.

Customer satisfaction increases with lower investment cost of Isımek made of Hot water Boilers fired by natural gas and diesel.

Isımek branded hot –superheated water boilers are easy to use.

Hot –Superheated Water Boiler systems which are supported by automation system can be controlled through plc screen. 

Isımek  designs, projects and manufactures liquid and gas fired Industrial Hot - Superheated water Boilers in own facility according to norms of Turkey and EU.Isımek branded boilers are manufactured according to pressure equipment directives of 2014/68/EU and issued with CE document

   They have cylindrical shape.

   Gases are eco-friendly fuels.

   Lower investment cost.

   Long lasting usage period.

   Gas and diesel have no waste fuel such as coal ashes