About Us

About Us

Isımek Enerji Kaynağınız

About Us

ISIMEK has been established in 2002 as an engineering and commitment company and has institutionalized by having a constant growth in the course of time. It provides contribution to the employment for the national economy by continuing to be one of the leading manufacturers of Turkey by making production with advanced technology for both domestic and abroad in Boiler, heating center, Industrial Facilities, pressure vessels and turn-key commitment Works with its employees more than 100 and its subcontractors within 2000 m2 closed area without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.

ISIMEK which has the mission to make contribution to the rising targets of Turkey with its expert, young, dynamic and trained employees, has become a competitive, corporate company which has investment power and gives rapid and reliable reactions to the changes.

ISIMEK sees the real competition approach in business models more than product and technology. ISIMEK which makes brand new reforms in production, distribution, after sales services and general management field, has concentrated on not only rising the standards in Turkey but also in the export field. Today, ISIMEK exports to more than 10 countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Cameroon, Algeria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Turkish Republics.

It becomes a manufacture center which satisfies the needs of steam boilers, room heaters, central boiler systems, has the capacity to satisfy the increased production demand and predicts the increase in both domestic and abroad sales in the following years.

ISIMEK continues to develop solutions and exceptional products which are the milestones of the heating technology. As in the past, it shall continue to have a determinant effects on the technological progress.

As ISIMEK, we work for the excellence and for providing the most qualified in every field. Nothing can be very good unless it is not developed. Our products shall be long-lasting and easy to be used for the future systems.

Besides the services which we provide for all kinds of heating technology, we provide special system solutions in accordance with the special needs of the markets for each application in the wide range. Our products provide energy saving and protect the environment.

We try to establish simple structures and processes with the possible most qualified materials, labor and energy efficiency.

This provides the efficiency of not only the limited natural resources but also our activities.

It is our target to provide the accommodation of the renewable energy forms to the environment, to protect the climate and to preserve the natural basis of the life. Our products helps the saving in heating costs due to the high energy efficiency.