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Fluidized Bed Boilers

Fluidized bed technology is a system that produces steam / boiling oil from clean and safe energy by burning various combustibles in high efficiency (0-10 mm coal dust, sawdust, prina etc.) whose economical value is low. Also, they are boilers that have high performance; ecofriendly and economically enhanced burning technique. They provide your company flexibility in terms of variable costs and availability of fuel thanks to ability of use various types of fuel sources.

Different sized with various capacity fluidized bed boiler structures from low capacity to high capacity have been developed.  From early 21st century, fluidized bed boiler technology has gone a long way and increased its share in very high rate in energy sector.

In our country, floating economic balances and fluctuating petrol and natural gas prices make fluidized bed boilers necessity. To make possible to burn low calorific valued coal, saw dust, prina, nut shell etc. -which are cheap in our country-, together or separately, they are designed by considering very wide range of enterprise conditions.