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Hybrid Fuel Boilers

Those boilers can combust all kind of biomass fuels and operated together with liquid and gaseous fuels. Our Hybrid  boilers are used for production of steam, hot water, hot oil.


Automatic woodchips feeding steam boiler system with stoker

1- Chain Elevator: Chain elevator conveys wood chips  vertically and horizantally.

2- Wood chips  Bunker: Bunker is  consisting of mixer, rotary air lock and  level switch. Dusts and chips collected at Bunker and chips carried from there  to the Boiler. Production  ranges are in 1-9 m³ volumes.

3- Feeding Helix:Wood chips  pour on a helix from rotary airlock   and carried  to the grate surface within control.

4- Burner: Boiler system can be used both for  solid fired and liquid & gas  fired fuels  , If  a dual fire type burner assembled for the purpose of combusting natural gas or fuel oil.

5- Steam Boiler: Isımek designs high efficient steam boilers in the form of three pass . We manufacture boilers  from 3 to 12 operating pressure bar  with the capacity range of 1.000kg/h (750 kW) and 6.000kg/h (4600kW) .During production process, we use P235 GH,  P355 GH quality plates and  P235 GH quality tubes.

6- CombustionPotCasting grates with specific sectioned air nozzles  are equipped inside the combustion vessel. Air is blowed to the combustion vessel  through channels via air combustion fan. Blowed air causes pressure when exiting from casting grate nozzles and pulverised with wood chips for the purpose of achieving high quality combustion.

7- Firebrick: Combustion chamber is coated with refractory material which is resistible against high temperature. Combuston chamber temperature desired to  maintain between 800 -950 °C degree  in order to combust wood chips easily and to keep flue gas emissions under the limited values

8- COMBUSTION CELL (PRE FURNACE): Front furnace has an water tube construction and connected to the  boiler to supply water circulation. Front furnace plate  is made from P355 GH material, and tubes are from P235GH seamless steel pipe. Furnace will be insulated by ceramic and  rock wool 80 kg/m³ also it is resistible against 1200 C degree. Upper layer of ınsulation will be covered by galvanised sheet with 1 mm thickness. Metal surfaces of doors located at front furnace will be insulated by special heat prof  refractory material in order to prevent deformation.

9- Bypass ductingFlue gas is released from this channel, during maintenance of ash arrester, air heater or exhaust fan. This process is performed by engine clamp that placed on the channel.

10- Ash Arrster: Ash arrester is consisisting of multicyclones and designed for capturing wastes like ashes or soots via multicyclones while exiting from boiler. Solid particules among %  80 -90  are kept in the arrester. Ashes can be carried easily by the help of wheeled bucket.

11- Air heater: Combustion airis heated by the usage of flue gas temperature. By this method total efficiency will increase between %2 and % 4. Upon customer selection, heated air can be used for space heating or combustion air.

12- Exhaust Fan: Combustion chamber is preserved  under negative pressure  for proper and effective operation.  Balanced vee belt driven exhaust fan which has heat resistance  ensures this system activity.

13- Isımek manufactures chimneys from S235 GH or due to customer desire  AISI 316 quality stainless steel sheet can be used . It carry ownself without connecting  to a building or an another place.