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Biomas Fueled Boiler Systems

 Isımek branded boilers fueled by wood chips, dusts & wooden wastes  has  eco-friendly designs reduce carbon emissions and decrease fuel costs. Biomass  fuels supplies clean and renewable energy to the  companies. Also supports for minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions. In addition , these fuels reduce  energy costs and remove  dependence from  petrol. It is possible to heat the factories by combusting wood chips, nut shells, brown rice, tree barks, paper carbon packages and poultry wastes, furthermore to produce steam, hot water and hot oil.

According to fuel specifications;

Stoker combustion system

Moving grate  combustion system

Inclined grate firing system

Via fluidized bed combustion systems, fuels can be combusted with 99% efficiency and converted to energyfor usage.

Our Boiler Range;

Automatic Fuel Feeding System

Automatic Capacity Production

Automated Clay Removal

Controlled by PLC system.