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  • Reduce your costs with Biomas Boiler System

    By using  tree sawdust and wastes Biyomas Boiler branded by ISIMEK lowers the carbon emissions with environmental friendly designs and lowers your energy costs.

  • We Produce Environmental Friendly Technologies

    We continue to develop solutions and exceptional products heating Technologies. We have a determinant effect on the technological progress by following the Technologies constantly.

  • A green future is the right of everybody Everybody deserves a green future especially our kids

    As ISIMEK, it is our aim to protect the climate and natural basis of the life and to be friendly with the environment. 

  • ISIMEK, the solution for the special systems & custom-engineering.

    Besides the services which we provide for all kinds of heating technology, we provide custom engineering special system solutions in accordance with the special needs of the markets for each application which takes part in a wide range. 

  • Images from Germany fair

    ISIMEK as we LIGNA 2015 FAIR in Germany
  • Since 2002 under our experience and warranty.


    Isımek has been manufacturing Solid , Gas, Liquid and Biomass fired Industrial Boilers ( Wet Woodchips which contents %50 Moisture Content, dry wood chips, fire woods, barks, wooden wastes, straw, stem and similar agricultural wastes )since 2002 under our experience and warranty.

  • Isımek is leading manufacturing company in Turkey at Industrial type boilers.

  • Steam and energy around foreign countries

      Beside domestic market our Steam, Hot Oil, Superheated and hot water boilers are operating properly and run trouble-free at wooden, forest sectors and food sectors which requires heat, hot water, steam and energy around foreign countries.

  • Turnkey projects and boiler house whole system projects has been successfully designed and delivered to esteem customers usage under our warranty.

  • Biomass fired boilers

    Discover with Isımek technical staff  why using biomass fired boilers are s so economical, innovative and ecological



Isımek LIGNA 2017

Isımek LIGNA 2017 more

METU Heating Center

Isımek manufactured and erected Turkeys largest Steam Boiler for the heating purpose at METU Campus in 2015 . Steam Boiler with capacity 65.000 kg/hr. Heating capacity is 47 MW .Operating pressure is 18 Bar and temperatıure is 280 °C. more

Some views from Tüyap 2015 Wood Processing Machinery Fair

Some views from Tüyap 2015 Wood Processing Machinery Fair  more

Ligna 2015